2/16/18 Trademark Win for Motherhood Center
(The Motherhood Center v. Glenbervie Healthcare: Opposition No. 91235062) Successfully defend client’s application for trademark in health services field. Opposition dismissed with prejudice at close of discovery. Client’s application moves to allowance.
8/3/17 Trademark - Startup Gets Quick Win
(Rack-it, LLC v. Lyman Products: Opposition No. 91233939) Successfully opposed registration of a competitor’s trademark for firearms accessory based on senior use of mark by client. Representing start-up against a much larger direct competitor, competitor withdrew their application with prejudice following the filing of the Notice of Opposition and competitor’s Answer, respectively. The quick end to the proceeding provides a cost effective resolution that protects client’s rights in the trademark (now registered).
7/11/12 Rhodes Donahoe Joins Top Sports Engineers
Rhodes Donahoe, P.C. participated in the ISEA Engineering of Sports 9 conference hosted at UMASS Lowell. The conference attracted engineers and scientists from leading universities and sporting goods companies such as Nike, Trek and K2. Bob Donahoe co-authored a paper on inertial measurement microelectronic systems that he presented at the conference. Other topics ranged from the physics behind Tim Wakefield’s knuckleball to recent developments in performance measurement in sports. The subject matter was quite topical given the current focus on the Olympic Games. For more information, visit:
5/15/12, Lynchburg, VA - Bob Donahoe on Innovation

The firm’s reach across innovation communities was on display at the TechEdge 2012 conference in Lynchburg, VA where Bob Donahoe spoke on an Innovation Panel. Bob had an opportunity to hear about technology development in Region 2000 and share the latest innovation and investment trends coming out of Cambridge.  The conference provides an annual opportunity for Region 2000's technology leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to meet and recognize the noteworthy achievements of the region's tech community.

03/01/2012 Rhodes Donahoe, PC opens Cambridge, MA

Rhodes Donahoe, PC opens an office in Kendall Square Cambridge, MA at the Cambridge Innovation Center.


03/01/2012 - USPTO proposes new declaration regulations

The USPTO has proposed new regulations related to inventor declarations under the America Invents Act. More information may be found here.

03/01/2012 - USPTO proposes AIA fees
The USPTO has proposed large fees as part of implementing the America Invents Act (AIA). Discussion of these proposed fees may be found here